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Founded from our Sister company in 2018, The hub has taken on many different forms, while efficiently learning how best to serve our customers needs, wants and aspirations with their project.

Starting from a group of Law enforcement, Military and imminent family, our original venture was born. Up-fitting emergency response vehicles.  From there we went into duty gear, BP Vests, and so much more. 

Today in 2023 we have opened to the public as well, offering everyone the chance, to get a first hand look at some cool tech, and maybe try it out. 

So whether you have a need for vehicle lighting, a vehicle specific overland gear, or you are looking to get an idea of yours brought to life.  We have the CNC's, Lasers, 3d printers and more to help our highly experienced team complete any project. 

Simply Said, 

If you can dream it, The Hub can bring it to life. 


Fill in Your Information, and we will reach out to you, as soon as we can!

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